Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Top 2 Trends in digital Marketing


  Digital Marketing : Top 2 Latest Trends

Digital Marketing refers to the marketing of products or services through digital technologies including the internet, mobile phones or display advertising. With the growth of internet penetration the country, it has become a viable  medium to reach out and interact with the end customers. 

Top 2 of the latest trends that are being looked upon as the game changers in digital marketing are:

1. Content Marketing

The idea behind content marketing is to create and deliver valuable content in order to change the behavior of the target customer. Companies try to come up with witty and intelligent content for their social media posts in order to engage customers and capture their interests. This content can be in the form of excellent photograpghs of the product posted on social media or other marketing channels as done by Rolex or videos which send out social messages by subtly hinting at the usage of the intended product.


They usually share interesting pictures on social media which are intended at waking up the foodie inside the observers which in turn helps them in increasing the usage of their platform. Their do not post on a daily basis but make sure that whenever they do post, they come up with something interesting and creative.
                    Zomato's Facebook Post from Janmashtami

2. Big Data Analytics

In current scenario it is important for companies to measure everything they do and keep a track of everything that they have done in the past. Analytics offers techniques which enable companies to make sense out of huge chunks of data that is produced every day. Marketing Analytics tools help in analyzing the responses received from the consumers and can then determine what the consumers liked or disliked. This information can then be used to improve existing campaigns.

One of the most nascent yet most powerful marketing analytics tool is predictive modelling. It take in conventional data maintained by the marketers, performs crunching on it to reveal data patterns which can assist in predicting future buying behavior of the consumers.

Amazon was one of the early adopters of analytics for marketing. Remember their “Customers who bought this also bought” section. It was an excellent way of marketing their products to the consumers who were browsing through their online product catalogue. Today, these recommendations are made by analyzing users past buying behavior, items on their wish list etc. Therefore, the results generated are far more accurate and have high probability of conversion into sales. 

Amazon's Page depicting personalized Recommendations

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