Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Australia Post..... Connect closely

Australia Post- Live the words written

Australia Postal services has started a new revolution in the field of Postal services by bringing a way to connect to people in a closer way. Email may have decimated snail mail, but for posts and couriers packages aren't as easy to send as bits and bytes. Australia posts brings a new way to gift your loved ones not only a parcel but along with it a video message which makes them happier and gives them a sense of involvement.

When packaging up a gift for friends and family, the sender sticks the Video Stamp, which takes the form of a QR code, to their parcel and scans it with a special smartphone app. They are then prompted to record a personalized video message of up to 15 seconds, which the gift recipient can view on their smartphone by again scanning the stamp when the parcel arrives in the post.

Recipients can use any QR code reader app to view the video message for up to 90 days after the time of recording or, if they don't have a smartphone or tablet, they can log into a web page with the details sent with the stamp. They can also share the message on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or send it in an email.

Writing mails or sending Facebook messages are a medium to connect but the joy that one gets when he/she receives a letter from someone close is unmatched. And with this level of customization Australian postal services has attracted the attention of all its customers to immerse themselves again into an era where people would take out time and write their emotion out on a piece of paper.

The following video shows how the Australia post is trying to bring out a new revolutionized way of sending live messages.

Personalized Postal stamps

Not only this but the postal services also has an option of sending personalized posts.
 You just need to click a photo upload it to their website and then order the number of postal sheets you want. the more number of sheets you order the more you save. and after paying the minimal charges you will receive personalized stamps within a week. These stamps can be used for domestic as well as international posts.

These all revolutions brought by them has led to a drastic increase in the customer base. According to me the main reason for this is that although people have started using app based platforms to connect to others but people feel more happy to write their emotions down. It also makes the reader more happy. 

Other countries which are a seeing a fall in the usage of postal services have started thinking on the lines of adopting these methods. Seeing the excitement of people towards this it it pretty hopeful that this service is going to be a huge success across the globe.

The following video shows that Australia Post delivers their world class service across the world

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