Sunday, 16 October 2016

Digital marketing with creative Bill Boards

Digital Bill boards are an amazing way to integrate social media, countdowns, live updates, conditional content like weather, temperature, and news with traditional hoardings. They use mega size LCD/LED panels to give a virtual treat to their viewers.

The features of these bill boards are:

  1. Flexible - Engage and develop a dialogue with consumers through unlimited creative executions, using a variety of digital outdoor signs.
  2. Time sensitive - Digital enables instantaneous creative updates and the ability to respond in real-time to current events and market conditions.
  3. Targeted - Impact specific geographic and demographic audiences close to the point of sale.
  4. Efficient - Optimize ad spend and work synergistically with other media to enhance ROI.

Some of the digital marketing ads that we loved are included in this blog. Hope you'll like them too. Have a look !

Example 1: British Airways (Teaser)

(Full video)

Example 2Audi BMW Bill board war

Example 3Miele S8 Vaccum Cleaner 

Hope you enjoyed! 

Happy Reading!
- by Gaurav Mandan

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